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Your business operates under a complicated web of environmental regulations and permits. You may need to resolve environmental issues lingering from past operations and practices. You may want to see whether making changes to your current operations can make your business more efficient, save on operational costs and/or reduce the burden of environmental regulation.

Drumlin staff have worked closely with business and industrial clients of all sizes for more than 25 years to resolve environmental conditions left over from the past, to track and comply with local, state and federal environmental regulations, and to improve the environmental operation of your business. We work closely with management and environmental staff to help you manage the environmental aspects of your business and improve current practices to lower the regulatory burden, so you can focus your energy on the growth of your business.

Services for Business and Industry:

  • Compliance with RCRA, Waste Regulations, Discharge Regulations, SARA etc.
  • Reporting for SARA, Toxic Use Reduction, Pollution Prevention, Global Reporting Initiative
  • Permitting New or Modified Activities (Site Law, Waste & Water Discharges, etc.)
  • Site Assessment
  • Remediation of Spills and Releases
  • Oil and Hazardous Materials SPCC Plans
  • Environmental Due Diligence for Expansion and Mergers
  • Water Management (On-Site Source Development, Use Reduction, On-Site Disposal)
  • Environmental Management & Sustainability Planning

• Municipal
• Legal
• Financial
• Utilities
• Water Providers
• Engineers/Consultants
• Business