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Drumlin is highly qualified to provide technical support to environmental attorneys when the legal needs of your clients require a thorough understanding of hydrogeology, geochemistry, contamination assessment, water resources or similar environmental issues. We provide the technical analysis and understanding needed to support sound legal decisions, advance client objectives and minimize their environmental liabilities. Drumlin has a strong working knowledge of environmental regulations, human health and environmental protection criteria and the methodology and standards of environmental practice required by regulatory agencies. Drumlin also has experience preparing expert testimony as well as providing depositions and testifying in court. We regularly collaborate with attorneys in connection with property due diligence, permitting, water supply development, hazardous waste issues, peer review and expert testimony. Our number one priority is to meet your needs when timely action and legal support are required.

Services Include:

  • Site Investigations and Remedial Assessment
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Development of Permit Applications
  • Technical Reviews for Expert Opinion and Testimony
  • Support for Environmental Covenants/Land Use Restrictions
  • Collaboration on VRAP, Due Diligence, Natural Resource Damage Assessments

• Municipal
• Legal
• Financial
• Utilities
• Water Providers
• Engineers/Consultants
• Business