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Environmental regulations and related issues affect a wide array of municipal functions, including land use planning, site development and redevelopment, public works services, water and wastewater services and waste disposal. Municipal programs are implemented through the oversight and direction of department heads, elected officials as Selectmen and Councilors, volunteer committees and with local citizen input.

Drumlin has the experience and expertise to assist municipal officials in developing strategies and implementing programs to comply with environmental regulations and to improve the environment of your community. Our objective is to help you serve the citizenry by successfully addressing and resolving environmental issues and concerns. We also believe that a critical element of this service is effective communications. Drumlin staff go to great lengths to present technical information so that it can be readily understood by interested stakeholders and the general public.

Services Include:

  • Assistance to Planning Boards in Project Review and Peer Review
  • Site Redevelopment (e.g., Brownfields, VRAP, Due Diligence, etc.)
  • Local Water Supply Planning, Protection and Management
  • Wastewater Disposal Options for Residential and Commercial Development
  • Operational Assistance to Public Works (Oil Storage, Waste Management, Stormwater Management, SPCC Plans)
  • Landfill Assessment, Closure and Monitoring
  • Environmental Permitting
  • Sustainability Management Planning

• Municipal
• Legal
• Financial
• Utilities
• Water Providers
• Engineers/Consultants
• Business