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Water Providers

Groundwater is a precious resource and the foundation of your water supply operations and business. As a Water Provider, you strive to maintain a reliable distribution system and you face the challenge of managing the quality and quantity of the resource in order to meet customer demand, public expectations and evolving regulatory requirements.

For several decades, Drumlin staff have worked in close collaboration with Water Providers to develop, manage and monitor high quality water sources. We understand the water budget cycle, how water flows through sand, gravel and bedrock formations, interacts with surface waters and how various land uses affect water quality. Whether you are looking to develop new sources or to protect and manage your existing sources, Drumlin can perform the required investigations and assessments, help navigate the permitting process and provide long-term expertise on monitoring, sustainable use and water resource protection.

Services Include:

  • Watershed Reconnaissance and Exploration Planning
  • Assessment of Land Use and Threats to Water Quality
  • Agricultural Water Source Development (wells and ponds)
  • Groundwater and Spring Source Investigation (geophysics, drilling and sampling)
  • Hydrogeologic Assessment, Aquifer Testing and Safe Yield Analysis
  • Monitoring and Management of Groundwater and Surface Water Sources
  • Well Infrastructure Design and Installation Oversight
  • Regulatory Permitting for New Source Approval
  • Sustainability Planning and Implementation
  • Protection Strategies - Zoning, Easement, Land Acquisition, Operation

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• Water Providers
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